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Ukraine rushes to create AI-enabled war drones

In Ukraine, a handful of startups are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to help fly a vast fleet of drones, taking warfare into uncharted territory as combatants race to gain a technological edge in battle.

NATO’s calls for surging defense spending fuels winds of war 

The recently concluded NATO summit held in the United States did nothing but fuel the winds of war, centering on issues of weapons and urging the allies to increase military spending, Stefano Valdegamberi, former Italian parliamentarian and Veneto`s regional councilor, told Sputnik.

European nations continue to arm Israel as its attacks on Gaza persist

European countries continue to provide arms to Israel as it continues its military offensive in Gaza and stands accused of committing genocide.

NATO begins sending F-16 jets in new support for Ukraine

NATO has started transferring F-16 jets to Ukraine while stepping up promises to Kyiv on eventual membership in the alliance, at a 75th anniversary summit clouded by political uncertainties in the United States, the allies announced on Wednesday.