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US spends billions on its undeclared war against Russia

 Published: 11:47, 4 April 2024

US spends billions on its undeclared war against Russia

The Biden administration has spent hundreds of billions of US dollars to wage its undeclared war on Russia, US journalist Tucker Carlson said.

"Since Joe Biden became president, the US government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting an undeclared war against Russia. No one in all that time has explained really the purpose of this war," he said in a video posted on the X social network. "Officially, no one has told us why we are doing this [sending money to Ukraine]."

Carlson added that Ukraine cannot win this conflict: "Russia is a far bigger country. It’s got 100 million more people and far deeper industrial capacities. Ukraine can’t win. Everybody knows that around the world. People are very clear on that. There is not one informed person outside the United States who thinks that somehow Ukraine is going to beat Russia, because it’s not."

Carlson added that he had sent numerous requests for an interview to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, but they were all ignored.

Earlier, Carlson said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was ready for a serious compromise on Ukraine. In an interview to the US journalist, the Russian leader said Russia had never rejected dialogue but was not going to make the first step after the Istanbul talks in March 2022.