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Biden to request $60bn in aid to Ukraine

 Published: 14:53, 19 October 2023

Biden to request $60bn in aid to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden plans to ask Congress to allocate around $60 billion as assistance to war-torn Ukraine, the NBC News television channel reported citing its sources.

According to the sources, the bulk of the $100 billion package meant for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and the protection of the US border will go to Kiev. The package is not yet agreed but Biden plans to announce it later this week, the TV channel said.

The Foreign Policy magazine said earlier citing officials that the Biden administration was expected to submit to Congress a bill combining military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan later this week. The bill would also provide for funding the protection of US borders.

However, an unnamed US lawmaker told the magazine that such a bill may face problem at the House of Representatives as some Republicans are against combining aid.

Whereas support for Israel and border protection are not challenged with the House of Representatives, the idea of additional assistance to Ukraine is not popular with some of the House Republicans who think that the US has done enough for Ukraine.