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Shaking hands with Australia

 Published: 11:39, 15 May 2023

Shaking hands with Australia

As Bangladesh progresses towards the next stages of its development, it is vital as always to maintain the friendships we have cultivated with other nations over the decades.

And so, it is promising to see the list of allies our nation has had for decades become even stronger.

During the 6th Indian Ocean Conference held recently in Bangladesh, the Australian Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed their interest in working closely with Bangladesh on regional safety and peace, and also in developing trade and investment opportunities between the nations.

This is reassuring, as Australia has been a long-standing ally to Bangladesh, and strengthening ties further would certainly prove to be beneficial for all parties involved.

It is also a positive development for the region at large, as better partnership between all regional powers can improve cooperation and help establish peace and security.

Moreover, more political and economic cooperation between Australia and Bangladesh can ensure that we have the support necessary to move towards our development goals, and that calculated efforts are made for sustainable growth.

Bangladesh has come a long way since liberation, and while the nation has made its mark on the world map with its resilience, our bilateral ties and friendships with other nations have played a vital role in our growth.

We must make good use of this opportunity to deepen ties with not only Australia, but as many of our neighbours as possible. Only with united efforts and the support from more established countries can we really succeed as a soon to be developing nation.

Source: Dhaka Tribune